What is Bumps Pilates?


Pilates is an excellent form of exercise during pregnancy because it works on the deep abdominal muscles and pelvic floor muscles. Pilates exercises can also strengthen & stretch specific muscle groups which are weakened and tight from the postural changes & stresses that occur during pregnancy. It is also low impact without stressing the joints in the body. All exercises are done on the reformer bed, standing, sitting, kneeling or on all fours so it is safe for pregnancy (no exercises done in supine - on your back). Exercises can be modified for individual's with specific musculoskeletal conditions eg. pelvic pain, low back & neck pain.


Pilates is great for recovering in the early stages following the birth of your baby. During this stage it is important to regain deep abdominal and pelvic floor strength to help support your lower back, following the demands of pregnancy & birth, along with managing a newborn (feeding, lifting, bending etc.) It is important for injury prevention to get these stretched muscles strong again and to allow you to return to full activities again. Exercises are also focussed on posture & flexibility for your recovering body. Exercises can be modified for women with caesarean sections, DRAM (abdominal separation) or recovering from pelvic joint pain from pregnancy.


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